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Naperville, Illinois
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Service starting as low as $0.40 per square foot!


Includes all services provided with our Premium Service Plus:

  • Dark filtration lines around the perimeters of rooms specially pre-treated and hand scrubbed prior to Jet-Rinse Extraction.
  • Moving of all furniture upon inspection (except for extremely heavy pieces ie china cabinets, pianos, entertainment centers, certain bed frames, etc.)
  • Carpet Protection “restored” by application of finest Maxim soil repellant. One year written guarantee.
  • Freshly cleaned carpets hand raked and groomed to fluff carpets.
  • On-site free tutorial and demo on how to remove spots and stains with our stain remover.
  • Free lifetime supply of spot-out spot remover

$.70 / sf

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Includes all services provided with our Standard Service Plus:

  • Pre-conditioning and manual pre-agitation of traffic areas and edges of rooms, if needed.
  • 1 month spot guarantee
  • moving of light furniture, cleaning underneath, and protecting with plastic blocks and tabs.
  • Triple filtered softened, and reverse osmosis treated water from our trucks is used to jet rinse carpets and furniture. Fabrics are revitalized and softened. Even residues from previous cleaning are removed for a 'healthy carpet.'
  • Speed drying on priority use spaces.



$.50 / sf

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*Commercial Hepa pre-vacuum to remove dry soils

  • Pre-conditioning with 'green' cleaning agents to loosen, suspend, and emulsify soils.
  • Pre-treating of special spots and stains, i.e. ink, grease, wine, etc.
  • Truck powered 240 degree Jet-Rinse extraction of open areas with special Hydra Sonic cleaning wand.
  • Speed-Drying
  • Post Cleaning Inspection

* Free bottle of spot-out

*Pet urine specialty treatment at extra cost after thorough inspection and analysis.

$.40 / sf

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“If I am going to have it done, I'm going to have Haugland Bros. do everything possible to protect the appearance of my home, the health of my family, and the longevity of my carpet.” “It's time for my annual cleaning. With Haugland Bros. I don't have to worry, they are the company I trust.” “I know I should have done it yesterday, but company is coming and I need to have it done NOW!”

Our company mission is to create cheerleader clients.

We want you to be so thrilled with the whole experience of dealing with us that you are not just satisfied but will gladly refer us to your friends and neighbors.

That's how we've built our business over the last 38 years


  • "We are very pleased with the service and results that we have received from Haugland Bros. They did such a great job on our carpeting that we had them back to do our deck. We will have them back again next year."

    Donna Walther,

  • "After using several different companies before I heard of yours, I must say I have been more than pleased with the results the last two times your company cleaned my rugs. I tell all my friends."

    Mrs. M. Sheridan,

  • "Absolutely wondeful! We were extemely pleased with the results. The price was great and was definitely worth every penny. The carpets were cleaned prior to our moving out and we only wish we had found out about Haugland Bros. so that we could have enjoyed the clean carpets ourslves."

    Michelle F.

  • "Two gentlemen arrived on time with equipment ready. They worked steadily for two hours--every spot carefully treated and the edges hand brushed before cleaning. All in all quality work."

    B. Maher,

  • "We were pleasantly surprised that Haughland Bros. was able to remove various spots on our carpets. They still look great and we are very satisfied! Professional staff, easy to work with! Thanks!"

    Dan & Lisa Wisinski,

  • "Thank you for a great cleaning job! Finally a cleaning that lasts the test of time - a week after you cleaned my carpet, my 2 year old spilled her apple juice on it. It beaded right up from the carpet guard you sprayed and wiped up very easily."

    Linda Peifer,

  • "always a pleasure to deal with a company that you know you can rely on and will do a competent job."

    Mr. Robertson,

  • "Carpet cleaning is very thorough."

    Danute Krebs,

  • "Fantastic service! My carpets look new and the whole experience was well worth the money! I will always call you!"

    Sara McDonald,

  • "Your staff was courteous, efficient, and professional. The carpet looks great!"

    Micheal Bante,

  • "With two dogs and kids our carpets needed cleaning! We are very pleased with Haugland Bros. cleaning. Our chairs and our carpeting looks great. The two men were very pleasant, hard working, and even gave up their lunches so they could be on time. I like the booties and extra bottle of stain/spot cleaner provided. Four stars!!!"

    Mrs. Hodoval,

  • "In the past, we had tried several rug cleaners and were never satisfied. We had some remodeling work done and the carpeting was a mess! We were about to replace it, but their convincing ad made us call Haugland. Our carpeting looks brand new! We're 'Hooked on Haugland' and will never look elsewhere again!"

    Bob & Kathy Horton

  • "My daughter spilled liquid foundation makeup down the entire length of our carpeted hallway, leaving a trail of reddish brown spots. She and I both tried to remove the spots using a variety of different stain removers but it appeared to be a lost cause. I fully expected to have to remove the carpeting. But happily, Haugland Bros. Carpet Cleaners made the carpet look like new. They removed the stains completely."

    Linda Brubaker

  • "My wife and I firmly believed that our carpets had been ruined by our pets. We had resolved to tear our carpets to pieces and replace them with hardwood floors. Well I can say I have seen many emergencies in my life and our carpet was on life support. The Haugland Bros. brought our carpets back to life when we thought all hope was lost! We can't thank them enough."

    Dan & Dr. Daryl Wilson

  • "I had several areas around my home where my dog either had an accident, was sick, or from high traffic. My carpet is only two years old and it looked like 10+ years. To my surprise and great satisfaction my carpet looks like new, the pet stains were removed and in nearly all areas you cannot tell that there was a stain. In addition, I received excellent customer service from scheduling my appointment to the guys who cleaned the carpet. I am very satisfied."

    Chris Waring

  • "Does rubber cement sound like a carpet cleaning challenge to you? Jeff and Brandon arrived on time and within fifteen minutes had removed a whole bottle of rubber cement that had been dried into the carpet for over 2 weeks! The filtration lines were gone too. Thanks a million!"

    Tammy Staunton

  • "Aside from the fact that my carpet looks wonderful and brand new, the young men that came to my house were extremely polite, quick, trustworthy, and I felt very comfortable with them. All in all it was a very nice experience!"

    Bonnie Conn


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